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All new and returning clients will be required to enter their card details when making a booking. Should you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment you will be charged 30% of the total cost of your booking. Should you fail to pay the 30% cancellation fee, you will no longer be eligible to book with Beauty by Feliciti.


It is important that allclients arrive on-time totheir appointment. Therewill be a 15 minute tolerancehowever, should youexceed 15 minutes yourappointment will becancelled to avoid overlapping appointments.


It is important that all clients understand I do NOT offer refunds for change of mind - meaning you are unhappy with the style you agreed upon. If you are unhappy with any lash service, I will

remove them on the spot and you will not be

charged. If you receive a microblading service that you are unhappy with once agreeing to go ahead after being shown the outline colour, and / or it is evident to me that you did not correctly follow the aftercare steps provided to you then you will not be eligible for a refund. The only time a refund will be valid with any service is if for some reason you experience any adverse affects.


Should you not show up to an appointment without any warning prior, you will incur a 30% cancellation fee and will no longer be eligible to book with Beauty by Feliciti.


All appointments booked on ANY public holiday and / or long weekend will incur a 20% surcharge. All appointments booked on or between the following dates will incur a 20% surcharge, due to being during the holiday period:•23rd -27th of December


Please cancel your appointment if you're showing any flu like symptoms and / or you are a close contact. As per government advice, beauty services entail a high riskenvironment for spreading covid. Therefor if you test positive for covid, please wait AT LEAST 10 days to book an appointment as you can still spread the virus after your 7 day isolation period.


All clients should arrive to their appointment

ALONE. This includes arriving with children.

Should you need to bring your baby (12 months and younger) in a pram (to a waxing, brow tinting or HD brows appointment ONLY) this will be accepted. However, children over the age of 12 months should NOT be brought to any appointment. Our new salon does not have an area for children to attend while being supervised and our space is not suitable for a child to be in unsupervised.

For any services not including waxing, brow tinting or HID brows: children of no ages are permitted in salon as there will be no one to supervise whilst your eyes are shut or you are laying for long periods of time.

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