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Renting a dress with Hire by Feliciti is a hassle-free and enjoyable process, allowing you to wear your dream dress for that special occasion without the commitment of ownership. Here's how it works:


- Browse the Collection: Visit the Hire by Feliciti website and explore our curated collection of stunning dresses. 
- Select Your Dress: Once you've found the dress you love, click on it to view more details and choose your rental dates. 
- Book the Dress: Click on the “add to cart“ button to add the dress to your cart and proceed to checkout. 
- Payment: Provide your payment details.


- Pickup: The dress is to be picked up during your rental period We take care of professional cleaning and inspection prior to you picking the dress up, ensuring it's in pristine condition.
- Enjoy Your Occasion: Wear your rented dress to your special occasion, feeling confident and glamorous. Capture unforgettable moments in your stunning outfit.


- Return Process: Before your rental period is over, carefully pack the dress in the original packaging provided by Hire by Feliciti.
- Drop off: drop the dress off to Hire by Feliciti.
- Dress Inspection: Once we receive the dress, we will inspect it to ensure it's in the same condition as when you received it.

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