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Damaging a dress at Hire by Feliciti, can have several consequences for the customer. Hire by Feliciti takes great care to provide customers with high-quality dresses in excellent condition. When a dress is damaged, it can impact the company's ability to offer the same dress to other customers and maintain its reputation for providing pristine garments. Here are some of the potential consequences of damaging a dress:

- Repair Costs: If you damage a dress but it can be repaired, you will be charged for the cost of the repairs. The charges will depend on the extent of the damage and the type of repair required. The repair costs may include fixing minor tears, replacing broken zippers, or repairing any other damages that can be fixed without compromising the dress's overall quality.

- Replacement Cost: if you damage a dress beyond repair or the repair costs are too high, you will be required to cover the full replacement cost of the dress. This cost can be significantly higher than the rental fee and is meant to compensate the company for the loss of the dress.

- Loss of Future Rentals: In severe cases of serious, repeated or intentional damages, Hire by Feliciti may decide to ban the customer from future rentals. This decision is to protect the company's inventory and ensure that other customers continue to have access to well-maintained dresses.

- Legal Action: In extreme cases of intentional or negligent damage, the dress hire company may consider taking legal action to recover the costs associated with the damages.

To avoid these consequences, customers should take proper care of the rented dress and follow any care instructions provided by Hire by Feliciti. In case of accidental damage, it's essential to inform the company promptly and discuss the situation transparently. Open communication can often lead to better resolutions for both the customer and the dress hire company.

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